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Monday, April 20, 2009

Of scoundrels, by scoundrels, for scoundrels

"Those who make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. This world will never know peace in the world until the last politician is strangled with the guts of the last priest". Voltaire

Politicians and priests continue to thrive even after almost three centuries after Voltaire. Their tribe has in fact multiplied and prospered. Perhaps , the fervent wish that some benign force, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, would somehow bring about this prerequisite for peace in the world is never greater than during Election time.
Not that the people need much persuation to believe absurdities. There is no dearth for takers for schemes promising to make one a millionaire overnight. Or for godmen! Or for politicians bent upon serving you and me and the country!" In order to become the Master, the politician poses as your servant. DeGaulle"
"Asambhavam haema mrugasya janma
Thathapi Ramo lulupae mrugaya.
Praya: samapanna vipaththi kale
Dheeyo api pumsam malanee bhavanti"
(Knowing that a golden deer is improbable, Rama went after it. In times of danger, the minds of even the wise persons gets corrupted.)
And the average Malayalee cannot be considered 'savvy" despite his pretentions to intellectual superiority. I think the average Bihari who declares his allegiance based on caste or creed or such earthy consideration is wiser than the so called politicaly conscious Malayalee who believes in distant Gods, be it Marx. Engels, Lenin, Nehru or Indira. And the cultural leaders of Malayalees are no better, busy wallowing in the garbage produced by left leaning Latins with unpronounceable names.
Hearing the politicians, and reading the 'investigative reports' appearing in the print media or the hours of discussions which go on in the visual media one is tempted to ask the same question which Vikramaditya asked Acharya Siddhasena:
If truth was,
that which was said repeatedly
that which was said loudly
that which was said with authority, or
that which was agreed by the majority.

We should be ending up with a Government of the people(?) by a majority, for a minority.

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