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Monday, April 6, 2009

Big B Blog

Amithabh Bachchan takes his blog very seriously. He posts almost everyday and find something interesting to write about. By comparison, Mammootty's blog lasted just two or three postings! There is a hyperlink from my blog to Mr.Bachchan's. It is worth a visit.

In Day 335 posted in March 09, he introduces Shobit Kaushal, poet, painter and also a terminaly ill cancer patient. Some of Kaushal's paintings, posted in the blog are really good. The whole write up is extremely sensitive and poignant. Please read at least this post at Bachchan's blog.

I append my comment which appeared among the responses.

“Hush……the old reaper is here again

Has been sitting in the dark corner for a while now.
If I just ignore him, perhaps he will go away,

or the comfort of the corner and the soothing breeze may lull him

like the morphine coursing thru my blood stream
Hush…..let not the phone ring now or a brash driver honk on his horn

let the old man rest, he also needs his forty winks.
The Paint……..why is it all coming out deep blue and brick red

Is there no sunshine yellow or foliage green left in my pallette…..

But, let the red and white blood cells dance along for a while more

the Old man shouldn’t mind, he was here a bit too early.

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  1. Sobith Kaushal died, reports Big B blog of date. K.R