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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mathematical Universe

I met Kuttykrishnan's eldest brother again during Kunju's marriage. I had met him last when he visited us at Chicago along with his wife, daughter Shanti and son-in-law Valsan. That was in 2002. During dinner at Kuttikrishnan's house, somebody mentioned that he has written something on Gita. He immediately corrected that it was a bit of web publishing and mentioned a web address. I only remembered that it had the word "athenium" in it. I decided to hang on to the word and search for Mr.Nambiar's pages on the web.

As he says in his pages, it is indeed very exciting times that we live in. Google unerringly took me to K.K.Nambiar and e.atheneum. There is however a forbidding warning as you enter the portal. Only those who know Mathemetics are invited to enter. I had long ago forgotten whatever Mathematics I learned but I decide to enter.

Quite a bit of it was beyond me. However, there was one piece posted in 2002 which I liked. Especialy, the translation of Gayatri Mantra. I have not seen it translated quite like that but I felt it captures the real meaning of the Mantra. I wonder whether it is Nambiar's translation. Quite likely, if you go by the translation of Poonthanams lines in the same piece tittled Mathematical Universe. The visible, visualisable and ultimate worlds could very well be the world of Vaiswanara, Swapna, Prajna and Turia of Mandukya Karika